Today is National Radio Day.  Angel here and today I want to take the time to celebrate those quirky fun-loving people I call co-workers, friends, and family.


I think most people have this idea in their head that we walk into the studio on a daily basis push a button to flip the mics on and when we're done we go home.  According to radio guru/all-knowing, Brently Gardner, back in the day most editing and fixing was done by hand with scissors or whatever was in reach to put music and spots on the airwaves.  Technology completely changed the face of the radio.  No, it is a whole lot more fast-paced with the ability for one person to do so much more but in a variety of areas because they aren't so expended on menial tasks.

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In recent years radio personalities have added way more to their plates with the addition of digital content.  The world loves social media and radio adapted.  Personalities not only use their voice for radio but they get to have a presence on media sites all over the world at times.  We are tasked to share our communities and our hearts with our listeners in a variety of ways many that are truly unique to each person writing the story.  We all have our own voice and way that we portray a specific view on something and people relate to it.


Radio people are some of the hardest-working individuals I know.  I'd love to tell you about my friends;

CHAD-Of course he's my fun, annoying older brother type on the show but he is so much more.  Chad works endless hours to make sure the radio staff here in Owensboro and Evansville have the tools they need to function at the highest quality possible.  He is a person of great integrity and pushes us to always do our best.  He also gets on my nerves a good part of the time in the best kind of way.

BRENT GARDNER-I would have to say without a doubt this man works harder than anyone I have ever met.  He taught me all I know about the technical side of the radio.  He is patient and kind and he really knows his stuff.  If you're ever in the studio ask him about "The Best Radio Story EVER" he will be more than happy to sit you down and entertain you.  He is also good at keeping me sane.

THE BARBIE (as I call her)-Barb has been a part of radio for 25 plus years.  She was my favorite weekend gal before I came to work at WBKR on Saturdays I loved listening to her show.  She brings energy and hilarity.  She keeps us all in line and is basically the mother hen of the bunch.  Barb is amazing to my kiddos too.  They love their Auntie Barbie.  Everyone needs a BARB.

SPENCE-Spence is a wealth of knowledge.  Like knowledge of the weirdest and craziest kind.  He is a great writer and when I watch him on-air occasionally I sit in awe.  He is animated and fun and keeps me engaged and you just never know what he might say which keeps it interesting.  He might possibly be the most passionate about his job.

ERIN GRANT-I haven't really had the opportunity to spend a bunch of time with Erin but she has a knack for writing an amazing story and she is always here to help.  She has the best laugh and I love listening to her tell a story on the air.

Working in radio is not for the faint of heart.  We get to cover the best of the best stories and sometimes the stories no one wants to tell.  We get to be a big part of the community and most importantly we get to help others which makes our jobs the best around.  If you would have asked me years ago if I thought I'd be where I am today I might have laughed in your face.  Turns out I am the one turning out the laughs and I enjoy being a part of your lives each and every day.

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