Today was my youngest son Tucker's first day of preschool.  What a bittersweet time for this momma.  I thought it would be a fun and memorable experience to talk with Tuck before going into school.  I wanted to share our conversation.  Parents' I am sure you can relate! I don't think I ever expected this day to creep up on me as quickly as it did.  Here we are loading a backpack, picking out school clothes, and talking about brand new friends and a special new teacher.  Where does time go anymore?

P.S.  Don't worry Tuck's seatbelt was pulled further up.  He pulled it down to get out of the car :)

When he got off the bus yesterday he was smiling ear to ear and said it was the best day ever!  I asked him his favorite part of the day his response "dancing momma".


I am sure from this day forward it will all go much quicker.  I sure love being a momma!



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