If you have ever dreamed of getting to drive around in the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, this could be your chance!

Hot Dog!

Now is the time to make your hot dog dreams come true! Oscar Mayer (and their parent company, Kraft Foods) is looking for some fresh faces for the next class of Hotdoggers - that's the name they give the men and women who drive around from town to town in the Wienermobile. According to the official website of the Weinermobile,

Hotdoggers are the official spokespeople of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile who travel on a coast-to-coast wiener roast on a year-long tour spreading miles of smiles. Since 1988, Hotdoggers have relished seeing the country through the windshield of an American icon, representing the brand in all forms of media and at thousands of events.


Aside from having a valid license to drive the Wienermobile, there are some other qualifications that Oscar Mayer is particular about when it comes to its Hotdoggers. The ideal candidates are college seniors who are fun and outgoing with friendly and enthusiastic personalities. They are seeking candidates with a BS or BA in a field of study like public relations, journalism, communications, etc.

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More About the Wienermobile

The position of Hotdogger does require a one-year commitment, but it is a full-time, paid gig. In addition to the cool factor of driving the Wienermobile, Hotdoggers also are responsible for making television and radio appearances and contributing to social media as well. The Winermobile literally travels coast to coast and has been an American icon for more than 80 years!

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How To Apply

If you think you have what it takes to "cut the mustard" as Oscar Mayer puts it, get your resume together and send it off! You can get the details, including the address to send your resume to here.

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