Bears are in constant search of food. When living or vacationing near places where bears live, you are urged to hide your food to avoid having an unwanted bear guest at your campsite. Bears don't care, if they smell food, especially sweets, they will do anything it takes to get to it and at it.

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Do bears have a sweet tooth?

According to Discover Magazine,

Humans aren't the only mammals with a sweet tooth. Omnivores from beagles to grizzlies can detect a wide range of flavors and enjoy the taste of sugar.

Even fictional bears like Pooh and Yogi, want sweets. In a tree, or in a pic-i-nic basket, their sweet tooth is undeniable.

In a video from Viral Hog vis Rumble, you can see that two bears find a box that has been delivered to the house they are investigating. They grab it and try to open it. It doesn't take them long to figure out they've hit a sugar jackpot.

Here is what the homeowner had to say.

We own a short-term rental in Gatlinburg TN. I mailed some sugar packets to the property for my cleaners to stock. The bears got to them first and had some fun spreading them all over the driveway! Lesson learned I will be mailing everything directly to my cleaner now. These are sibling bears that visit the property often. I am sure the visits will be more frequent now. Little stinkers I hope they enjoyed the sugar high.

Take a look.



Bears getting into some funny trouble in Gatlinburg, TN.

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