With a new year comes new changes for our lives. Some us have New Year's resolutions in that we try to change something in our lives. Whether it finances, health, spending more time with the family or any other type of change that we plan to implement. Well, for Kentucky and Indiana a few changes have taken place that affect how people live their lives. No Texting While Driving - Kentucky

On January 1st, in the state of Kentucky, it became illegal to operate a motor vehicle while texting on a cell phone. Now, this is something that I totally agree with in that, with this law, only good can come of it. I admit I have texted in the past however it is scary to think of what could have happened if an accident had occurred. It is still legal, however, to talk on a cell phone while driving. This fact alone will make it difficult for law enforcement to prove that a person was texting instead of just typing in a phone number to dial.

Recycling of E-Waste - Indiana

Also started on January 1st, was it became illegal to knowingly throw away electronics with your normal, daily refuse. Although there is no penalty at the moment if someone does break this law it is, I believe, a step in the right direction. Today's electronics are filled with many exotic components that would do more harm than good if released into our landfills. Locally, many retailers have drop boxers where customers can go ahead turn in their old electronics to be recycled. Also, if you shop around, at some retailers you may be able to turn in a product to be recycled and you may be able to get a discount on a product that you would buy in store. However, your mileage may vary.

Renewing License Plates - Indiana

For some local residents, renewing their license plates just got a little more difficult. Another one of the changes that happened at the beginning year was that people will not be able to renew their license plates at a local BMV branch. According to the Courier Press:

"Customers can renew their registrations online at myBMV.com, by phone at 888-692-6841 or by mail using a new postage-paid envelope enclosed with the annual reminder sent out by the BMV."

My family already has experience with the myBMV.com website and can honestly say it is not too bad to work with. Although this makes it easier on the state I can understand how this could be a detriment to a lot of people.

So, a new year, a new you and new rules that we may or not be thrilled about are happening. If you would like to read more about these new items that have recently started taking place, check out the news articles below.

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