Mammoth Cave is about to be LIT!  Isn't that want all the cool kids are saying?!  A big Redneck Rave is coming to Western Kentucky and we have all the crazy details.

Redneck Rave is happening October 14-17, in Mammoth Cave, Kentucky.  Now I've heard of a rave and as a teenager was never allowed to go to one but I'd never heard of a Redneck Rave.  I've learned this might be a few levels above what my momma said a big NO to all those years ago.

Basically, imagine thousands upon thousands of Rednecks gathering together in the country to attend the biggest party of the summer.  Angel here and I'll be totally honest I hosted some pretty epic parties in my time and Redneck Rave will make my party look like a five-year-old's birthday.

Redneck Rave actually started in 2016 in Indiana to introduce those folks to how rednecks do it in Kentucky.  The event features; mudding, off-roading, camping, partying, and a whole lot of music.

The event is hosted at Blue Hollar Off-Road Park also in Mammoth Cave.  According to several different news sources, the last Redneck Rave go pretty wild so proceed with caution.

Seems to me this is like the super redneck, country version of ROMP just a bit further south.  Tickets are now available and you can choose to get day passes, camping passes, or a variety of other ticket options.  Tickets range from $30 to $300.  Make sure you can attend because they make it very clear they will not give refunds.

The Rustic Spur Entertainment Complex/Sports Bar

Imagine a one-stop entertainment venue when you and your friends are making weekend plans! The Rustic Spur in Muhlenburg is going to be just that for visitors.

Kentucky Kayaking & Glamping Adventure

Kayaking has become somewhat popular over the last several years. There are several hot spots in Kentucky that are a must if you love adventure and camping.


Dinosaur World is in Cave City just beyond Bowling Green and a hidden gem in Kentucky for the kiddos. Our family visited for the first time during Fall Break and they loved it. The life-sized replicas of different dinosaurs seem so real. They also have a museum with fossils and education videos.

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