WOMI building

Brent Gardner is the Production Director at WOMI. He found his dream career in the radio business 37 years ago. While the original WOMI building no longer exists, Brent heard lots of great stories bounce off those walls, and he shares a few special stories with us this week.

WOMI was introduced in 1938 as Kentucky's seventh radio station. It initially provided a variety of content and programs until the early 1970s when it shifted toward a top 40's format and again shifted to a news and talk format in the mid 1980s. WOMI currently broadcasts in Owensboro, KY on 1490 AM and has an on-line component at 1490womi.com.

Brent has a picture of the original WOMI building hanging in his office.

I loved hearing Brent share stories of how he got his start in the radio business and what it was like when he first began working at WOMI. I believe Brent has done just about everything in the radio business, including training yours truly which buttons to push and dials to turn!

He talks about his first remote experience, of being Dan the Van Man.

You don't want to miss the last four minutes of our interview show when he shares the best radio story ever!


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