Perhaps you've seen a Green Dot at Brasher's Lil Nashville in downtown Owensboro but didn't question its meaning. Maybe you didn't know it even HAS a meaning.

The Green Dot Strategy in Owensboro

Well, it certainly does, and it's a vitally important step in violence prevention. If you see it--like at Brasher's--you can rest assured that the staff has received training that they hope they never have to use.

After the publication of a Facebook post in February and a subsequent investigation that was closed after authorities determined the claims made in the post were unsubstantiated, Brasher's proactively adopted the Green Dot Strategy and trained its employees in the practice.

In Owensboro, New Beginnings Sexual Assault Support Services conducts this unique education in recognizing when people are in trouble. Recognized nationally, Green Dot focuses on preventing "power-based" personal violence against an individual. It includes bullying, stalking, child abuse, harassment, partner violence, and, yes, sexual violence.

What Does Green Dot Strategy Training Entail?

Let's check in with New Beginnings for an accurate, detailed explanation:

The strategy is based on the belief that each one of us holds power as bystanders to actively prevent violence and shape our community norms. There is a renewed sense of hope that the collective impact of individual actions can indeed result in a reduction of violence. A Green Dot is any behavior, choice, word, or attitude that counters or displaces violence – by promoting safety for everyone and communicating utter intolerance for any type of power-based personal violence.

Brescia University Employs Green Dot Strategy

You are likely to see more and more Green Dots in locations around Owensboro, including Brescia University, which adopted the strategy in February.

For more information, contact Ronda Howard at or call 270-926-7273.

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