Imagine waking up in the morning and finding a stranger sleeping on your living room couch.

Having A Good Old Fashion Slumber Party

When I was a kid, I was a big fan of sleepovers. My friends and I would have them all the time. It's funny because when I got older, we started having them again. As a college student at Illinois State University, I met a lot of great new people. Unfortunately, they all didn't live by me. So during summer vacation, I would take weekend trips to visit them and hang out. Of course, I usually ended up crashing on their parent's couch. Sometimes without even meeting them first. It made the next day a little awkward.

 According to, 

Illinois Man Finds Stranger Sleeping On Couch

A man from Elmhurst called the police in a panic on Wednesday morning because he woke up to find a stranger sleeping on his couch. When the officers arrived they determined who the unknown guest was. Apparently, it was one of his son's friends.

A guy flung all over the couch
Illinois Man Finds Stranger Sleeping On Couch

According to, 

A resident in the 200 block of North Addison Avenue told police Wednesday about a stranger sleeping in the resident's house.


After officers arrived, it was determined the person was a friend of the resident's son.

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The Situation With Sleeping Stranger Could Get Ugly

I don't know if I would put myself in that situation again if I didn't know my friend's parents. I think I much rather sleep on my buddy's bedroom floor as opposed to freak out his father who might own a gun.

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