Burdette Park is hosting a movie screening in a way that really gets you into the movie, a float in! 


This Friday August 2nd Burdette is hosting a showing of The Meg, and it's a float in! Meaning you'll be floating in the pool while watching this shark flick!

The Meg according to IMDB is best described as a movie where scientists explore the Marianas Trench. That's when they find the largest marine predator that's ever existed, the Megalodon!  I can't think of a more thrilling way to catch this movie than while actually floating in water!

Tickets for the showing of The Meg are on sale now! You can get them at Burdette's main offices. It's $12 for adults, $7 for kids!

And don't worry, Mesker Park Zoo assures us that Burdette will not be borrowing any animals from them for the event haha!

Check out the trailer for The Meg!


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