Audubon Elementary School                      Caleb York

        300 Worthington Road                          852-7150

Monday, May 14th

  • 5th Grade to College View Middle School 9 am
  • Movie Day at 1:00

Tuesday, May 15th

  • Accelerated Reader Primary Celebration 8 am – 12 pm
  • 4th quarter Accelerated Reader Celebration (Intermediate Students) 1pm – 2pm

Wednesday, May 16th

  • Paragon Money and Candy Scramble (Reward for Cookie Dough Sales)
  • Talent Show 9:30 – 11 & 12:30 – 2

Thursday, May 17th

  • Primary Town Meeting 8 am
  • Intermediate Town Meeting 9:30
  • Paragon Limo Ride (Reward for Cookie Dough Sales)
  • Paragon Ice Cream Party (Reward for Cookie Dough Sales)

Friday, May 18th

  • Good Faith Effort Reward Foam Party

Burns Elementary School                             Amy Shutt

        4514 Goetz Drive                                     852-7170

Monday, May 14th: 

Staff Luncheon provided by PTO in honor of Staff Appreciation

Retirement reception for Coach Al Walter at 2:45-4:00 p.m. in the Media Center

 Tuesday, May 15th:

5th Grade end of the year celebration to The Hines Center

3rd Grade Field Trip to Botanical Gardens and Museum

Kindergarten screening for the 2012-2013 school year 3:00-7:00 pm

Percussion Ensemble practice

Wednesday, May 16th:


Field Day

Good Faith Effort Trip to Panther Creek- K-PREP testing grades 3,4,5

Thursday, May 17th:

Game Day-  students who have No Warning Cards during the 2nd semester of school will participate in Game Day (board games, electronic games- DSI, Wii, etc..,).

Preschool Closing Program – 5:30 p.m. Mantooth AM, 6:15 p.m. Scarbrough AM and PM, & 7:00 p.m. Mantooth PM

Friday, May 18th:

Bobcat Bash- 7:30a.m. in gym-  this is a school wide assembly focusing on student and staff achievements.  It is a tradition for our 5th grade students to perform a 5th grade Bobcat Blowout dance for the entire school during the last bash of the year, as well as for their parents and visitors at the conclusion of the 5th grade graduation.   End of the year awards will also be given out to students.

Books A Million Trip-  students who have earned 50 AR points qualify for this trip to purchase books.

Limo Rides-  students who are Warning Card Free (7 out of 9 school months) this school year, will be riding a Limo around Owensboro

Percussion Ensemble Concert @ 1:00- for 4th and 5th grades

Monday, May 21st:

Last Day of School

5th Grade Graduation @ 8:00a.m.

Country Heights Elementary School       Stacy Harper

        4961 Kentucky 54                                     852-7250

Monday, May 14  -  Retirement reception for Rhonda Staples  2:30

Tuesday, May 15  -  Good Faith Effort Celebration (Trip to YMCA) for Grades 3, 4, & 5

Wednesday, May 26  -  Field Day/Water Day  -  All day (FUN!)

Thursday, May 17  -  Awards Day for 4th and 5th Graders  -  12:30

                                    Fifth Grad Recognition  -  6:00 PM

Friday, May 18  -  Pride Assembly  -  7:25

                               50’s Day during Gym & Music classes  -  All day


Deer Park Elementary School                     Cindy Galloway

        4959 New Hartford Road                      852-7270

Monday, May 14

8:30-2:00 Good Faith Effort Day- Primary students will enjoy inflatables to celebrate their Good Faith Effort in MAP Testing. Intermediate students will enjoy water inflatables and foam to celebrate their Good Faith Effort in MAP and KPREP Testing.

Tuesday, May 15

Primary Spelling Bee 8 am

Intermediate Spelling Bee 9:30 am

AR DJ Party hosted by WKU-O


Wednesday, May 16

Intermediate Field Day

Thursday, May 17

Primary Field Day

5th Grade to visit CVMS 9 am

Friday, May 18

5th Graduation 9 am

Traveling Up-Students spend a few minutes traveling up to the next grade level to meet the teachers and tour the classrooms 1 pm

Monday, May 21

Awards Assembly 7:50 am

Frog Jump & Tug of War during Connect Classes

IB Celebration Day-students will enjoy Carnival Rides to celebrate our IB World School Authorization 8-2

5th Grade Clap Out 2:15-The student body lines the hallways to cheer and clap as the fifth graders pass through our halls  one last time.

East View Elementary School                     Ann Marie Williams

        6104 Kentucky 405                                   852-7350

Monday-Top AR winners for the year will take a trip to Olive Garden for lunch and on to Books A Million for shopping from 11-1pm.

Tuesday-All 3-4-5 grade students that exhibited GOOD FAITH EFFORT for testing will take a field trip to Yellow Creek park for a sack lunch, games and fun from 11-1pm.

At 5:30pm we will say farewell to our fifth grade students at graduation/awards program!  We are very proud of all of them.

Wednesday-Solar Power Water Day, students that earned Solar Power for the fourth nine weeks with good behavior will have a day of fun and water. 

Two lucky winners from our Read A Thon will have a special lunch with Mrs. Williams at Cheddars and then off shopping with their prize money for the afternoon.  Kaylee Vitato won $100 and Avery Heath won $50 for being the top two readers for the Read-A-Thon.

Thursday-Top Reader and Money Collector from our annual Read A Thon will take a trip to Yellow Creek Park for a picnic lunch and meet with Mrs. Grace Ford for a special NATURE DAY!

Friday-MAP Celebration!  All students that met their MAP target for the year will participate in a Corn Hole Tournament from about 9am -12pm.

It is a fun-filled week of excitement at East View!


Highland Elementary School                      Anita Newman

        2909 Leitchfield Road                            852-7370             

Tuesday, May 15th

Breakfast with Mrs. Newman 7:30-8:30

Staff will spend time with retiring principal and enjoy stories.

Preschool Graduation – 6:00 Highland gymnasium

PTO – Orange Leaf night

Wednesday, May 16th

Kickball Celebration for top money donations!

K-2 – battle the teachers

3-5 -  battle the teachers


DCPS Retirement Reception for Mrs. Anita Newman


Highland Gymnasium


Thursday, May 17th


5th grade graduation – 6:00 Highland gymnasium

Friday, May 18th

Talent Show- special presentations by teachers and 5th grade!

Meadow Lands Elementary School          Kevin Lowe

        3500 Hayden Road                                  852-7450             

MONDAY, May 14th

-Leadership Student Field Trip-7:00AM-2:00PM

-Mother’s Day Tea-Imagination Station-Neville/Ewing’s class

-Kindergarten Screening-3PM-7PM

TUESDAY, May 15th

-Water Party Day: 8am-2pm


-Talent Show-8:30-10:30 in gym

-Preschool Graduation-Imagination Station

               -5:30-AM session ceremony

               -6:00-cookie reception for AM&PM session

               -6:30-PM session ceremony

THURSDAY, May 17th

-Lisa Burns Kirby-5th Grade-9AM-Imagiantion Station

-Good Faith Effort Reward Day-3rd, 4th and 5th grade students swim at the Hines Center


               -3rd grade eat at 12:10

               -4th grade eat at normal times

               -5th grade eat at 11:05


3rd grade-8:30-10:00

4th grade—10:00-11:30

5th grade-12:00-1:30

-5th Grade Graduation & reception-6:30PM

FRIDAY, May 18th

Field Day 8 AM – 2:15 PM

-Doughnuts for Dads-First Grade-cafeteria  8AM

MONDAY, May 21st-



-Water Day for preschool 9AM and again at 12:PM


Sorgho Elementary School                          Beverly Dawson

        5390 Kentucky 56                                     852-7470             

Monday May 14: 

We WILL have our last Monday Morning Meeting – starting at 7:30 a.m.

Primary students water day in the afternoon – students will participate in various outside water activities – 11:20-2:20

Tuesday May 15:

The MOBILE ED science center will be here students will participate in various activities - from 8:00-2:10

Movie Day.  Students may wear pajamas and bring a small blanket/pillow – Intermediate students 9-11 and Primary students 12-2

Good-bye party for Assistant Principal Ray Roth in the media center at 2:45. We will have cake and punch. 

Wednesday May 16: 

MOBILE ED schedule continues – from 8:00-1:00

FIELD DAY 8:30-1:00

Thursday May 17: 

5th grade promotion day.  They will have an inflatable outside for 5th grade use only.  (and preschool as they will not use it on field day).  The gym will be used for the ceremony from about 1:00 – 2:00

Friday May 18: 

Lunchroom sack lunch and Beach Party Day.  Tables will be up.  Students may bring a towel to sit on in the café and music will be played.  10:45-12:30

Intermediate water day (same directions as primary water day) 12:20-2:00

Monday May 21st

Last day of school.  In leiu of Monday Morning Meeting we will have a school wide Celebration Assembly from 8:00 – 9:30 to recognize achievements.  It is sack lunch day. 

Southern Oaks Elementary School          Pam Burns

        7525 U.S. 431                                            852-7570      


Wednesday, May 16

                Field Day  8-11

                5th Grade Graduation, 5:30

Thursday, May 17

                Ag Mobile Visit 8:00-2:00

Friday, May 18

                Art Day

                Ag Mobile visit

Monday, May 21

                Awards Celebrations

                                Intermediate (3-5) – 9:30

                                Primary (K-2) – 1:00


Tamarack Elementary School                     Allison Coomes

        1733 Tamarack Road                               852-7550             


12:00 AR Lunch with the Principal (50 AR point Club)

3:30 SBDM


6:30 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony and Reception


7:15 -10:00 Sharon Spratt Retirement Reception

12:30-12:00 Good Faith Reward – Water games (school back yard)


11:00 Accelerated Reader  limo & Lunch for students with 250 AR points

1:15 Ice Cream Sundaes & souvenir cup for students earning a SHINE Card for all year

6:00 Tamarack STLP Club present to the DCPS School Board



2:30-9:30 Accelerated Reader LOCK –IN for students with 200 AR points

West Louisville Elementary School         Nathan Satterly

        9661 Kentucky 56                                     852-7650

Monday – May 14th

                Movie for students earning $100 for at home Compass

Tuesday – May 15th

                Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

                Retirement Reception for Vicki Spencer and Cecilia Yates @ 2:30 – 4:00

                Preschool Graduation – 9:00

May 16th – Field Day – all day

                Whitesville Night at Texas Roadhouse (4 – 9)

May 17th – 5th Grade Field Trip to Holiday World

May 18th – Talent Show 9:00 & 12:30

Whitesville Elementary School                 Cindy Appleby

        9656 Kentucky 54                                     852-7670 


Monday, May 14              AR Trip in Limo to O’Charlies, 11-1

                                                Testing Reward – Olympic Games and Inflativle, 12:15-2:00

Wednesday, May 16       Janet 1st Annual Tiger Family Picnic for her MD students’ families, 11-12

Thursday, May 17            Terrific Tiger Pizza Party for students who have been selected for demonstrating traits of the month for spring semester, 1:30-2:00

Friday, May 18                   Career Morning for 3rd-5th graders with lots of guest speakers, 8-11

                                                Kindergarten Celebration Ceremony, 9-10

                                                Talent Show, 12:30-1:30

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