Angel here.  I would like to confess I am an Aldi's Addict.  I love their bargains, how convenient the store is and how I can always find something unique I wasn't even looking for.  Last week I stumbled upon my best find yet.

Strolling down the what I like to call the whatnot aisle (basically, because I find lots of whatnots) I found The Golden Girls Game "Any Way You Slice It".

This game is totally nostalgic and tests your knowledge of the iconic 80's tv show.

There are 200 trivia cards, slices of cheesecake, a card for each character and more.

The objective of the game is to be the first player to collect all eight pieces of cheesecake.

Angel Welsh
Angel Welsh

You seriously never know what you will find in Aldi's.  I am super pumped to have found this.

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