Cindy Jean has a heart for broken women and children. She spent five years with a local faith-based rehab where she served as the women’s director. She loves jail ministry and Celebrate Recovery.

Cindy is the co-founder and full-time Executive Director at Fresh Start for Women.
She is married to Shane Jean who fully supports her work helping women and children.
Cindy has three grown children of her own, as well as three grandchildren who are the joy of her heart.

Cindy felt a call of the Lord to resign from her full-time position at Frantz Building Services to step full-time into Fresh Start for Women.

Cindy comes from a past filled with brokenness by addiction. She watched her first husband commit suicide right in front of her. She struggled for many years and even contemplated suicide herself after losing her children and home. While listening to K-Love Christian Radio, Cindy heard the Good News of God’s love, and He opened the eyes of her heart, and became Lord of her life. She dove into the deep waters and trusted God to keep her afloat.

While serving as the director of another faith-based rehab facility, Cindy heard the voice of God speak to her. She was driving at the time and was so rattled from hearing what God was saying to her that she had to pull off the Parkway. She sat in her car and wrote down everything she heard the Lord say to her. Cindy is not one to procrastinate or sit idly by and watch someone else do the work. She confided in two friends and told them what God had said to her and that was the beginning of Fresh Start for Women.

Fresh Start for Women has come a long way since its infancy. Fresh Start provides transitional housing for women and children that is safe and affordable in an encouraging community environment. Fresh Start for Women Inc. was started in 2016 with Cindy’s vision to reach out to individuals who have chosen a new way of life. The goal is to foster character, encouraging independence, to transition back into the community. The Women’s community houses up to 16 women and 24 children and is a real blessing to the area.


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