Tabitha's story of addiction could have ended tragically, but God had plans to prosper her and to give her hope for a brighter future. Tabitha did not live with her mother growing up which made life challenging for her. She did not feel wanted or loved by anyone growing up and found herself in and out of four girls' homes and 48 foster homes.

By the age of eighteen, Tabitha was introduced to meth and her life began a downward spiral. She found herself homeless and hopeless after losing custody of her children. She wanted to stay high all the time to numb her pain.

She was arrested and spent time in jail at least twelve different times. Finally, the court ordered her to Mountain Comprehensive Care Center for a thirty-day rehab. She also attended a year rehab program at True North Treatment Center, an organization that specializes in treating substance abuse. While staying at True North, Tabitha was allowed visitations with her four-year-old son.

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Her next step was to live at Fresh Start for Women, which provides a safe, affordable transitional housing environment for women who have completed an addiction recovery program. She began attending weekly Bible studies and a Bible discipleship group through Fresh Start. Tabitha received what she had been yearning for all those years, to be loved and to feel the love of Jesus in action. She became committed to Christ and now has full custody of her son.

So you see, her story is a story of God's redeeming love. He put her life back together and made it even better than it was before. She recently restored her relationship with her daughter and is celebrating two years of sobriety. We cheer you on Tabitha, keep moving forward towards the Son!

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Family photos are provided by JD Stark Photography in Evansville.

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