Okay, first of all, I am trying to get over the fact that Disneyland is charging $13 for a freaking corn dog.  But I am also trying to get over the fact that their new corn dog has a pickle in it.  Have you seen this thing?  And, no, it doesn't appear to be an April Fool's Joke.

They recently unveiled their new Pickle Dog at the Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs stand.  It's a hot dog stuffed inside a dill pickle and all that is stuck on a stick and covered in a Panko crust.  Like a true corn dog, it's deep fried, but this one is served with a side of peanut butter. I am going to barf my own face off.

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Now, I am a very adventurous eater, but I don't like pickles very much.  And I can't imagine dipping something pickle-flavored into peanut butter EVER!

So, I was curious of a couple of things. 1) If the Pickle Dog was actually real.

It looks like it is.  This tweet's from Brooks Barnes who's been the Hollywood reporter for the New York Times for nearly fifteen years.

2) Has anyone had tried this out yet and filmed the actual taste test.  I went to YouTube and found this video by TheCrashZ3r0! Skip ahead to the 6:50 mark. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZMom1AozZY Does that look even remotely appetizing?  And I love what AJ Wolfe had to say on Twitter.  

Are you serious, AJ?  "Would you add the peanut butter?"  Are you for real?  I would throw the Pickle Dog in the trash and only eat the peanut butter.  LOL. So, I have to know.  Would YOU eat Disneyland's new Panko Crusted Pickle Dog?  

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