Sutton Elementary School is hosting "Help Friends with Paws For Melissa Baber" and they need your help.

Tiffany Hoffman, Kindergarten Teacher, at Sutton Elementary School was blessed to work alongside, Melissa Baber, her former assistant.  In 2015, Melissa was taken suddenly and way too soon in 2015.  Mrs. Hoffman wanted to do something to keep her memory and spirit alive for years to come.

Sherry Baber
Sherry Baber

Melissa loved animals.  Tiffany decided to host a pet supply drive in her classroom the first year and after that, it caught on throughout the whole school eventually becoming community-wide.

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Now students have a friendly competition among classrooms.  They set goals each year.  This year's first place is a Shaved Ice Party, the second place is Extra P.E. time with Mrs. Roberts, and the third place is a visit from the FRC Candy Cart.

Sutton would like to invite you to be a part of their pet drive.  You can donate items to the school located at 2060 Lewis Lane in Owensboro.  You can also drop items at the WBKR studios at 3301 Frederica Street and we will deliver them.  And new this year if you would like to donate via Amazon they will have it shipped straight to Sutton Elementary School.  If you are a parent of a child at Sutton you can include their name.


  • FOOD
  • TOYS

Please feel free to donate even if you don't have a child attending school. The more donations the merrier.

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