Well, there is!  And my mother is obsessed with it.

Everyone, I'd like you to meet my mother, Judy Quinn.  She is recently retired and really friggin' bored.  She's also a new member of a Facebook crafting community that's centered entirely around all the stuff you can buy, for dirt cheap, at Dollar Tree locations around the country.

The Facebook group is officially known as Dollar Tree Farmhouse DIY and it has, wait for it, nearly half a million members.  And my mother has become riveted by the page and all the crafts she's learning how to make because of it.

Here are just a few examples of her recent craftsmanship.

She started out trying to make a set of sconces she saw on the page.  And, I'll give it to her, these turned out pretty well.

Judy Quinn
Judy Quinn

Here are the items she purchased at Dollar Tree for this project.  She got the ribbon, the jars, and the twine from the store.  Those are paint sticks that everything is mounted to and she simply stained those.  The total cost of the project (specifically the Dollar Tree items) was about $5.  These will soon be gifted to her granddaughters, Skylor.  And, Mom has already made a set for herself too and they're hanging in her hallway.

The project below, which is also made of paint sticks, was too inspired by ideas from the group.  She was able to use some more of the twine she purchased for her sconce project.  Though these particular tea towels didn't come from Dollar Tree, they certainly have their fare share for sale and you could easily buy them there for this project.


She created this lantern, this masterpiece (LOL), late last week when she tackled a craft project that involves original Hot Wheels tracks.

Judy Quinn
Judy Quinn

The dome of the lantern is made of those tracks.  And, Judy wants me to tell you that she got them "two for a dollar."  The base of this piece also came from Dollar Tree and the bottom part of the piece is made from those paint sticks.

The top of the lantern is from a jar from one of the sconces she made.  The twine around the candle came from her original roll of twine from, yep, you guessed it, the Dollar Tree.  The "ball" on top of the piece is a ping pong ball which she purchased six for $1.

The total cost of the lantern project, including the cost of the candle (which she bought at Target), was roughly $6.

Here's a segment of our interview with my mom from this morning's show.  As you'll hear, she LOVES her crafts.

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Judy says new ideas are shared in the group daily, but the group is a closed.  You MUST be a member to enjoy all of the suggestions and tips.

If you're obsessed with arts and crafts like my newly retired mother is, you can check out the page by CLICKING HERE.

By the way, at the close of our interview for this post, my mother said, rather defensively, "I'm not obsessed, Chad.  But I CANNOT FIND A PLASTIC BUCKET."  Apparently, there's a new craft just waiting, rather impatiently, to be built.

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