Dr. Jody Mitchell a Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician with Owensboro Health talked to me about children participating in youth sports at an early age. He addressed the risks associated with intense training when a child participates in a specialized sport year round. We discussed the driving forces behind youth injuries and burn out.

He also shared his own experience with over use injury as a young teen and the importance of coaches, parents, care givers knowing the warning signs leading up to over use injuries in children. How much sports is too much?

We discussed the benefits of children being exposed to a variety of sports versus a single sport and the  importance of Cross Training the muscles. Dr. Mitchell also addressed the physical and mental health long term risks for young children specializing in sports. He gave the signs and symptoms associated with over training at a young age and he gave the recommendations and strategies for the appropriate age for safe competition.

This was a very informative interview and I hope to have Dr. Jody Mitchell back on Shaped by Faith to discuss more Sports related topics.

Since I have been experiencing some shoulder pain, I asked him to give me a simple stretch that I could do anywhere. I could feel the shoulder and upper back during the stretch and it was easy for me to do. You can do this stretch anytime of the day or night and remember to focus on your posture and breath will doing it.

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