It pays to be in the right place at the right time. Only, this time, I mean that literally. And I'm pretty sure Abbey Van Zant would agree with me.

According to WKYT/Lexington, this former Georgetown College basketball player was in the audience for a recent taping of Ellen.

Degeneres called her out of the audience to come talk about her charity work with the homeless.

Van Zant makes toiletry bags and fills them with things like socks and blankets.

Upon her arrival on stage, Ellen played a game with Abbey (typical) and then presented her with a $20,000 check from Cheerios to aid her in her efforts.

I've always believed that if you can just get information about a charity into Ellen's ear, she'll help.

And a big THANK YOU to Abbey Van Zant for all the work she does for those in need.


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