It's not every day that you see a horse running down the road - especially one that's all dressed out for the racetrack. But one horse that was scheduled to race at Ellis Park today decided to do just that. After he bucked off his rider, he took off down Hyw 41 where various motorists caught him on camera making a break for it.

Blake Sandlin from WEHT posted this to Facebook:
Just in: Ellis Park officials tell Eyewitness News a race horse bucked its rider and escaped the track before the first race this afternoon. It traveled along US-41 before the owner managed to rescue it at the Evansville Water Department.

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Another tri-stater pulled over for the horse to weave through traffic and avoid being hit. He reported him on I-69.

Our friends at Eyewitness News reported that he was captured by Posey County Sheriff Tom Latham around Waterworks Rd. Maybe he was headed back after his epic run. And though he has a few scrapes, he's doing just fine.

I wonder what was going through his mind. Like, was he all, YES I'm FREE I'm FREE! Or was the thinking, OH CRAP OH CRAP OH CRAP WHAT DID I DO NOW? Of course, we'll never know but I'm sure glad he's safe.

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