Now that we know for sure we'll be seeing winter weather beginning early Friday, I've got to make my winter prep shopping trip. Forget milk, bread, and eggs, well I'll buy milk, my needs are a little more common. 


Okay, this list in a lot of ways is no different from most anyone's but, toothpaste? The reason toothpaste is on my list, I need some! I NEVER buy bread, but I may give it a whirl this go around. Peanut butter is another item I would normally never buy, but it may come in handy for a snack or a meal. (See bread). As you can see, the item at the bottom of my list got cut off, and the irony, it's band-aids. I got a paper cut on the inside of my index finger so I would like to keep it covered.

Another specific item I buy when bad weather is on the way is a lot of frozen dinners. I realize if the power goes out, I will not be eating them, however, I could be stuck in my apartment for a few days, I'll have some passable nutritious food. And I'll grab some other little snacks of which I'll have to consume quickly. Don't forget, BKR Boot Camp starts next week!

One very important item I will not be purchasing, stuff to melt ice on my stairs, you remember them?

I like to take the "wait and see" approach to my stairs. I have one advantage, I got some new duck boots for Christmas, THESE. I'll be good, I'll be good.

What specific or odd items do you buy before winter weather hits?

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