I can hear the phone conversation now: "Yes, I'd like to report a monkey on my deck." "No sir, I believe the phrase is 'monkey on your back,' in which case we can..."

"No, no. I LITERALLY have a monkey on my deck at my house."

It's not everyday in Kentucky that authorities field a phone call about the discovery of an exotic monkey on someone's property, but in Owen County, Kentucky this past Sunday, that's exactly what happened. (The discovery of the monkey, I mean. I have no idea how the conversation went down.)

How simultaneously startling and cool that would be. I remember coming home from school when I was a junior to find a cat in our out building. I thought THAT was cool.

But no, a capuchin monkey was discovered on the back deck of the Lewis family home in Owenton this weekend, and now officials from the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife have to figure out where it came from.

In case you were wondering, monkeys are not indigenous to Kentucky...or the other 49 states, for that matter. However, as far as exotic creatures are concerned, they're native territory isn't THAT far away. Central and South American rain forests are REPLETE with capuchins. According to Brittanica, they're quite noisy and among the most intelligent of New World monkeys.

So this little one found in Owen County HAS to be wondering what in the world he's doing in Kentucky. I mean, we have hot and humid summers, but we're still a far cry away from tropical rainforest-like conditions. Still and all, he doesn't look too unsettled by his surroundings, does he?

That's Audrey Lewis awaiting, as she said, for the Primate Rescue Center of Nicholasville to come take custody of the little guy.

Now, the question is, where did he come from? It isn't legal to own a monkey in Kentucky, and Owenton is a LONG haul from the nearest zoo.

Fortunately, that's not something we have to worry about. The Primate Rescue Center will take it from here.

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