Angel here and I am going to be completely real and raw for a moment.   One of my worst fears in the world is someone hurting or taking one of my children.  I would go to the ends of the earth to protect them while there are people out there who would do the same just to get to do just the opposite.

I will just lay it out and say I can be a bit of a helicopter mom.  At least that is the rumor around my house.  All my kids have had different forms of transportation to and from school.  When I got the job with WBKR we lived close enough to school that my oldest two could walk or ride their bikes.  Tuck and Charlotte were too young to even attend school yet.

I began researching all that I could to make sure I kept them safe and then I sat my boys down and told him how important it was that we have a plan for them traveling to and from school. Next, we discussed a route that they would both travel at all times.  I told them how important it was to never ever get in a car or even approach a car they didn't know. Then we did what I feel is the most important thing any parent can do.  I taught them about being aware of their surroundings.  Not talking to people in cars, or strangers, or going inside any house. Our family even has a secret word.  This word is used only in the event I was to have to send someone else to get my children and they are walking or at home.  This person knows the word and it is only specific to us!   Lastly, went online to Family Watch Dog and typed in our address.  I explained to them what we were doing and that I just wanted to make them fully aware of all that was in their path.  I did this not to scare my children or point out another person's mistakes but more so to fully prepare my children for those times when I can't protect them.

As my younger two have gotten older I take every opportunity possible to use teachable moments and lessons to help them.  Our world is changing and human trafficking is on the rise.  It's not something everyone likes to discuss but it is out there and we need to be highly aware of it.

I think every parent should visit this site and the National Sex Offender Registry and Family Watch Dog.US at least once in a while to help them be aware of their surroundings as well.  It's a safety mechanism for all.  Not only protecting families but also those registered on the site.

My children are my life and keeping them safe and out of harm's way is so important to me.  I try to take every opportunity to teach them about this world.  As young and naive as they are they often think the world is perfect and we all know it is far from it, unfortunately!

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