Melissa Logsdon is the owner of Free Your Mind, Body & Soul Wellness, located at 2845 W. Parrish Ave,  where she offers Float therapy and other services.  Melissa's young son suffered a traumatic brain injury when he was a baby and she discovered float therapy helped him tremendously with his muscles.

The floating pods are filled with water and one thousand pounds of magnesium sulfate.

Melissa talks about her first experience with the float pods when her son was a baby. She explains the different ways you can experience this weightless floating therapy. Some people prefer no lights or sound and others like the lights on and sound. So, its left up to each individual.

Melissa recommends this for anyone and everyone, from babies to older adults, also pregnant women. A nice added bonus, she is offering 3 float sessions to retired veterans, first responders and anyone from children to adult with special needs.

Here are some of the other services she offers:

Myofascial Release

Ionic Foot Detox

Dry Body Brushing

Chi Medicine

Whole Body Vibration

Infrared Sauna w/Medical Grade Chromotherapy

You can call and talk to Melissa about the different therapies and make an appointment by calling her at (270) 215-7728

Also, check out the Facebook Page and learn more about Float Therapy Free Your Mind, Body and Soul Wellness LLC


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