After being canceled last year, the folks at Friday After 5 in downtown Owensboro are gearing up for their 25th season.  It gets underway Friday, May 21st and the full schedule will be released in the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, Owensboro's weekly free summer music festival is actively recruiting volunteers.

Francine Marseille/FA5
Francine Marseille/FA5
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In case you're interested, I reached out to FA5 Executive Director Francine Marseille to see what types of volunteers she's seeking for this year.  There are a wide variety of weekly opportunities. Here's a handful of just some of the positions needed to be filled for 2021.

Stage Co-producers/Associate/Co Producers- These volunteers will work to support Friday After 5 musical acts and will essentially serve as a "stage manager" for the evening.
Red Frame Photographer/Producer- If you have ever been to Friday After 5, you're likely quite familiar with the famous "Red Frame."  In fact, Angel and I posed for the Red Frame for the featured image up to.  The official Red Frame photographer will help capture photos of FA5 guests posing with the Red Frame.
Costume Character Support Volunteer- Each Friday After 5 features a costume character, who walks the street mingling with guests.  The Costume Character Support Volunteer will be that character's right-hand man or woman and will escort the costumed character through the festival.
Stage Intermission Volunteers-  Think "entertainment committee!"  These volunteers will help arrange and develop the intermission entertainment, then bring it to life on stage at the RiverPark Center, the Pier and the stage at the Holiday Inn Riverfront. **By the way, for more on the Holiday Inn's involvement in the 25th anniversary season at Friday After 5, see below.
Special Event Volunteer- This year's season of Friday After 5 will feature a variety of special events.  One is the much-anticipated Christmas in July.  The Special Event Volunteer will work specifically on the planning and execution of those events.
Intermission Games Volunteers- Friday After 5 is home to some staple intermission activities, like the water balloon toss and hula hoop competition.  Volunteers will help execute those festivities on a weekly basis.
And, quite possibly the most important volunteer position of the year will be . . .
Compliance Health Volunteers- Due to ongoing precautions in place due to COVID-19, Friday After 5 is recruiting volunteers to keep hand sanitizing stations full, wiping down commons areas hourly and making sure handwashing stations are fully operational.
Plus, social distancing markers will be in place and will be maintained.
If you are interested in any of the following volunteer positions, you are asked to email the address above.
This year's Friday After 5 season is being billed as "The Mile of Music." In addition to its traditional stages (RiverPark, the Pier at the Owensboro Convention Center, the Atmos Courtyard and more), this year Friday After 5 will feature a stage at the Holiday Inn to literally create a mile of music along Owensboro's riverfront.


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