Talk about being in the right place at the right time!  Or, depending on your perspective, I suppose some would call it the wrong place at the wrong time.  For Greg Storm, his timing couldn't have been more perfect.

Early Saturday evening, the National Weather Service issued a Severe Thunderstorm Warning for the southwestern parts of Daviess County, Kentucky.  That, of course, includes the area near Windy Hollow, where Greg was hanging out at a friend's house for a cookout.  It started to rain, so the group went into the garage for shelter.  When the sun came back out, a friend's son wanted to go back out and look to see if there was a rainbow,  Well, there was certainly more there than a rainbow. Someone in the group said, "Hey, check this out!"  What they saw next was like something out of a Hollywood disaster movie.  It looked like two funnel clouds trying to connect with each other.

Greg, who, just that day, upgraded his cell phone, captured absolutely insane rotation and a funnel cloud that was, as he described it, simultaneously "cool" and "scary."

This is just ridiculously good footage!  At first, Greg noticed that the clouds seemed to be spinning.

Then, that spinning quickly turned into a full-fledged and ferocious-looking funnel.

Some other local folks witnessed the same thing.  Susie Stevens shared, "Just came in from the bypass and saw the two clouds connect."

Earlier this morning here on WBKR, Ron Rhodes, from Eyewitness News, joined me an Angel and we chatted about Saturday's funnel cloud in Owensboro and Greg's incredible footage.

Greg's footage reminds me so much of a video from a few years ago in West Liberty, Kentucky.  Remember that?  A massive tornado ripped through that town on March 2nd, 2012 and there was video footage that circulated on major news networks.  It was filmed by folks standing directly underneath a massive rotating funnel and gained internet notoriety because of the woman doing her very best to pray the tornado away.




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