As we watch what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico, a hurricane usually means gas prices will spike, however, sometimes weather is not always the cause. Such is the case with Kentucky at the moment. 

According to AAA, regional refinery maintenance and expensive crude oil prices are the two major contributing factors as to why gas prices in Kentucky went up 8 cents.

The average price per gallon in the West Central Region this week is $2.757. The city with the lowest price in this regional watched by AAA is Elizabethtown ($2.610). On the high end, which isn't surprising, is the price in Louisville, which is nearing $3 per gallon. And Bowling Green's prices are currently high at $2.853 per gallon.

(Side story: When I went to college at WKU, granted this has been over 20 years ago, the price of gas at one of the cheaper stations in town was...75 cents (!!!) per gallon and I drove a Geo back then.)

The average price of gas a year ago in the West Central Region was $2.661 and two years ago it was, get ready, $2.282.

Nationally, the average price per gallon stands at $2.91 currently.

By the way, the last time prices jumped dramatically due to a hurricane was just last year when Hurricane Harvey struck the Gulf Coast and its infrastructure.

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