Drink it in, folks. Drink it in.

The girl in this video is allergic to caffeine, which means she can't drink the majority of sodas that the rest of us tubbies enjoy without a second's thought.

Well, her caring boyfriend decided he'd do something about that, so he thought outside the two-liter bottle and got her some Caffeine-Free Pepsi to sample (considering this particular brand of soda has been around since 1982, we have to wonder what exactly took so long, but that's a whole other story).

Her reaction? Tears, presumably of joy. To be fair, she did say she felt like crying shortly before she took a swig, so she did follow through.

It looks like Pepsi may have found itself a new customer. Let's just hope she doesn't end up crying more when she sees her waist size increase after enjoying the soda a little too much.

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