Ever been to Hell For Certain, Krypton, or Paint Lick? These Kentucky towns have been named as part of a list of "Most Ridiculous Town Names in America" list. Of course, all three of these are classified as "unincorporated" towns. I like to call them communities.

And all three that made the list are in Eastern Kentucky. So where are they? Here's what you need to know.

Paint Lick is located in Garrard County. Although it's unincorporated, they do have a post office, thus a zip code, 40461. Here's a few pictures of the town. Seriously? This is considered a ridiculous name? At least it isn't Paint Thinner or Turpentine.

Who knew Superman was born right here in Kentucky? He wasn't, but there is a Krypton and it's an unincorporated community in Perry County. And as of 2012, they still have an active post office and their zip code is 41754.Tell Lex Luthor is get a 4x4.

Finally, the most recognized name on the list is that of the unincorporated community of Hell For Certain in Leslie County. UK and Cleveland Browns quarterback Tim Couch is from Hyden which is ten miles to the south. Two of my best friends grew up in Hyden. The town has seen a spike in popularity thanks to the folks at Kentucky For Kentucky.

Now I don't know about you, but I've heard my fair share of weird names in Western Kentucky, for example, Hell's Neck and Dodge City are just two unincorporated communities in Ohio Co, and there are many more. How many can you think of?


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