I call it a harmonic convergence. I'm a huge fan of Survivor. Michelle Vincent of Greenville is a good friend of ours. Michelle is good friends and attends church with Caleb Reynolds--from the Cadiz area--who was a contestant on the most recent Survivor season.

So here's what happened.

Between the time Caleb was on his season of Survivor--which wrapped shooting in May of 2015--and now, he married his fiancee Ashley.

Michelle attended the wedding and took photos.

Caleb and Ashley gave those photos to People Magazine which, in turn, used them in a feature story about the wedding.

Said Michelle, "I was like 'OMG those are my pics.' I was tickled. Maybe the only thing I have published LOL."

Here's Michelle surrounded by the happy couple:

Michelle Vincent via Facebook


And here's Michelle with Tai, the second runner-up from Survivor Season 32:

Michelle Vincent via Facebook

Click here to see the rest of published photographer Michelle Vincent's photos in People.

Michelle Vincent (featured in People Magazine)