Real quick...I have a Bigfoot story, if you have a minute. It's set in 1974 in and around Texarkana, Arkansas. And I was there.

We were heading out west to visit family that summer and stopped at a motel in Texarkana.

The next morning, when we went to breakfast, we saw a LOT of of dogs tied up outside the restaurant along with a LOT of rifles leaning against a post.

The men inside told us about how they'd been getting reports throughout the night about something roaming through the woods in Miller County.

They were calling it the Fouke Monster, named for a town in the county.

It's a local legend but it's clearly their name for Bigfoot, based on the graphic on The Beast of Boggy Creek website.

Yes, a local legend, but there were STILL lots of guys with guns and dogs who'd been out all night looking for it, based, like I said, on multiple reports.

Scared me to death.

Now, fast forward to 2019 and the Commonwealth of Kentucky and website that tracks sightings here in the Bluegrass. indicates that the most recent report of something that could be construed as "Bigfoot" was seen on Highway 60 between Lewisport and Hawesville.

Except it wasn't someTHING. It was THREE somethings.

I have to admit, this account from September 2019 is actually kind of eerie.

I'll also have to admit to still being pretty skeptical. I mean, since no one has ever really gotten up close and personal with the big guy, we can't really be certain WHAT it is.

I guess that could pretty much sum up the whole Bigfoot legend, couldn't it?

On the other hand, there are likely thousands and thousands of species of animals that have not yet been discovered in places like dense Southeast Asian and South American jungles.

So why couldn't there be something roaming around North America that's skittish, yet instinctive enough to keep its distance from us humans, and therefore be "unavailable" for capture and study?

I suppose that is the eternal question with Bigfoot.

And as skeptical as many people may be, there have a been a LOT of reports over the last several decades that include the kinds of details that do make you stop and think.

I mean, there is a reason he's the Jack's Links Beef Jerky mascot, right?

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