I get so cracked up at some of the products from the Kentucky for Kentucky store I just can't help myself. The crew has come up with holiday candles for your loved ones and these are genius.

First here are all the selections:

So, a candle that smells like milk and bread? What else could you come up with for Southern Snow Day? Well, it's the scent of "tasty cereal milk", same difference. LOL!

We have Bourbon Drunk Gingerbread, say no more. I'm hoping the gingerbread is the dominant scent, booze just eh, I'm not sure it translates into a candle.

Oh Blank I Forgot a Gift! Before your mind goes there, the scent is a blend of "apple, cinnamon, cloves, notes of wood, and vanilla" Whew!

We have the unfortunately named Holiday Horse Breath; hilarious. The scent is a blend of peppermint and "freshly chewed Bluegrass", eh, I'm not on board.

And finally, we have Home for the Y'allidays, which is described as a clean scent, or the smell of the house at Christmas you grew up in. I'd say there would be a strong difference of opinion depending on the customer.

All the candles are available now.

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