The number one line being used in Owensboro Monday was, "It's Hot Don". No doubt many were refering to the legendary Don Moore Commercials that have aired for more than 20 years.  Yes it is hot but how hot?

Hot enough for the Big Rivers Chapter of the Red Cross to open it's offices up as "Cooling Stations". It was also hot enough for many businesses who do outside work to send workers home early. Medical facilities were set to treat heat related illnesses and the National Weather Service issued an excessive heat warning for the tri-state thru the day.

I went out to see just who WAS working outside with the temps rising toward the century mark and the heat index well over 110. Not to metion the humidity. I found some very brave men and women.

Those repaving Old Hartford Rd. were working like it was a spring day. Maintenance folks at the Library were trimming trees and shrubs. Postal employees were going about their appointed rounds either walking or driving in hot unairconditioned vehicles.


Roofers were taking a break on Littlewood as I drove by but it was obvious that had been up on the hot roof all day.

Air Conditioning Techs were busy replacing a unit at the Adams Village Community Center. Talk about a hot job.


Even the lifeguard at the city pool looked hot. Imagine being that close to cooling water and having to sit in that hot seat and watch others be cool?

Sanatation workers tried to get their routes finished early. Firefighters went on several runs while I was taking pictures but I decided years ago not to chase firetrucks or police cars.

As I was driving back in my airconditioned van to the air conditioned radio station I spotted two guys insulating and siding a builiding in Byers Ave. They were both on ladders in full sun.

Grass cutters, Farmers, factory workers, airport workers and police are some of the had working men and women who go about their daily chores in heat and cold. I salute them all.

For the rest of us who sit in our airconditioned cars on our way to work, lunch or to pick up the kids, remember how hard these folks are working in extremely hot conditions before you blow that horn or scream at them to hurry up and get out of your way.

Just think tomorrow might be 3 or 4 degrees cooler and in a few months we get to complain about the cold winter weather. Meanwhile these hard working folks will still be outside working in the bitter cold.

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