There was a coaches' clinic in Los Angeles this weekend. John Calipari was in attendance and the subject of Kentucky's season-ending loss to Wisconsin in the Final Four came up.

That loss ended a remarkable...REMARKABLE!...38-game winning streak and it's one that apparently still stings a bit for the coach.

During the discussion of this game, Calipari admitted that his loyalty to Andrew and Aaron Harrison may be the reason the 'Cats fell short of a perfect 40-0 season.

Personally, I wouldn't have gone there, because, although I really don't believe it's what he was doing, it comes across like he was blaming the twins for the loss.

I just don't believe that was his intention with that admission.

And he did clarify his comments:

And, honestly, who knows if having Tyler Ulis and Devin Booker in the game at clutch time would have actually been the difference? No one can ever know.

Plus, I don't feel Calipari was completely wrong for keeping the Harrisons in the game since they'd proven to be TOTALLY clutch in earlier important games like the one just before against Notre Dame or the two big ones in the 2014 NCAA Tournament against Michigan and Wisconsin.

But I also doubt that loyalty, while very honorable, isn't the best reason to keep players in a game if you, as the coach, believe that another pair might be more effective.

But, again, who knows?


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