The bonds of family are in full force in this sweet photo.

Millie Martin, 92, appears in this photograph with her three-day-old great-granddaughter, Penelope, or Pip, as she's being called.

The photo was snapped by the baby's father, Scott Martin, on his smartphone. He then posted it to Reddit, where it quickly went viral.

Millie is confined to a bed with heart failure, but still has her faculties. Pip's mother, Jennifer, said the meeting was oh-so-sweet:

We’d been sitting talking with Millie and finally Penelope woke up.They just sat and talked and looked at each other for a few minutes. It was a really special moment. She kept her in her lap for close to an hour."

Pip as she's being called, was born last Friday in Tumwater, Wash.

Pip may not even be a week old, but she's already a veteran of going viral. Earlier this year, she was the star in a clip where it looked like she was clapping in the womb.

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