Cats are tree climbers. Every cat I've had loves to climb up and perch on a tree limb and look around at the yard. They always climb back down, though.

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The only time that one of our cats has stayed up in a tree for any length of time is when they climbed the tree to get away from something that was chasing them. Then it was like they were scared to come back down.

Eventually, they always climbed down. When they get hungry enough, they would find their way to the cat dish. It might take them a while to figure out how to get down, but they always made their way down.

Can cats get stuck in a tree?


According to Pet MD,

It's really easy for cats to climb trees—cat claws are the ideal tools for propelling them upwards. But once they're up high, they'll find that getting down is much more difficult than getting up. “A cat in a tree may have trouble coordinating its hind and front feet when they try to back down.

Not all cats can climb down by themselves. sometimes they need help. 

When Sarah, a cat who lives in Muncie, Indiana, needed some extra help from the experts, they tried a complete of different ways to get her back in the arms of her worried owner.

Here is what the person who posted the video had to say about the kindness and purrrrrrrrfest heroism of the local firefighters.

I was actually at work. I am a CNA and take care of people with disabilities. One of my clients has a cat. That cat's name is Sarah. She got out the night before and we couldn’t find her anywhere. We yelled for her all day and finally got a response. She was stuck in a tree. She is a young cat pretty much a kitten still and is not too good at the outside world. She didn’t know what to do stuck up in that tree. We think she was stuck up there all night long until we noticed her. So my client called for the good guys to come to get her down. They said it was very unlikely they would be able to get her, but on this day, none of her nine lives had to be spent because the firemen got her. With a bit of love and some laughter, they came up with a plan and grabbed her down. It was a very cute moment when she finally got down clinging to the fireman’s jacket all the way to safety. This all took place in a small town in Indiana called Muncie early in the morning.

Watch this cute act of heroism.


Thankfully, Sarah and her owner will celebrate Christmas together.

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