Ok, for the record, I consider ANY cemetery spooky, but experts in all things haunted, seen to think that this one in Terre Haute is extremely spooky. According to HauntedPlaces.Org, there are a couple of legendary ghosts that haunt the Highland Lawn Cemetery.

The first one is about a dog. Well, a phantom bulldog. The legend says that there was a nice older man that had a dog named Stiffy Green. When Stiffy's owner passed away, he refused to leave the cemetery. Even though visitors to the cemetery brought him food and water, Stiffy Green eventually died in the mausoleum. Someone had him stuffed and put in the mausoleum with his owner. People say they have heard him barking, some have seen their ghosts and smelled the owner's pipe. As Michael Scott says, 'Nope. Don't like that!'

A lot of people have a legit fear of being buried alive. Martin Sheets was so scared of it happening to him, he actually had a custom coffin built with latches on the inside. He also wanted to make it very clear that he did not want to be buried in the ground, but rather, put in the mausoleum. He even had a phone installed inside the mausoleum. He paid for it to stay on for several years. When his wife died, she was holding the phone, they assume she was calling for help. But, when they returned to bury her, they found Martin's phone off the hook, in the locked mausoleum. So, if you hear a phone ringing, um, just let it go to voice mail!

The address is 4420 Wabash Ave, Terre Haute, IN 47803, if you're up for a road trip. See pics here

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