Jessica Lee is the Women's Supervisor at FOS (Friends of Sinners), a Christ-centered rehab facility for Women and Men in our Community. She was the first lady to go through the year~ long rehab program that has transformed her life and the lives of many others. Jessica shares why FOS was started and how the need for a Christ-centered program is so valuable to our community.

Jessica couldn't help but smile real big when she told me the Friends of Sinners experience for her was like going through a 'Jesus Boot Camp!' She had gone through other recovery programs that helped her, but this program changed her heart forever.

There is currently a waiting list for Women to go through this program and they are busting at the seams at the house they now live in. Jessica announced they are building a new home for the Women and will break ground soon so that FOS can serve more women in our community.

Most of the Women come directly from the jail or referrals. Several people in our community help volunteer their time to commit to coming alongside of these ladies and helping them through discipleship and mentoring. To hear more about how you can help, tune in to 1490 WOMI or 99.1 FM this Friday, Saturday & Sunday on Shaped by Faith.

Jessica demonstrated a Total Body Exercise that is great for stress relief and strengthens the upper, lower and core area of our body. Give it a try today! For more exercises that you can do anywhere click here: