I only remember a few of my Halloween costumes from childhood--an astronaut, Mr. Hyde (but the one from an old Scooby-Doo cartoon), and the Incredible Hulk.


Do you know what they all have in common, besides the fact they were Halloween costumes? I never got one letter from an astronaut, a cartoon version of Mr. Hyde, or the Incredible Hulk. If we'd had social media back then, MAYBE I would've gotten something from an astronaut. I wouldn't have held my breath for the other two.

It's not like my family never received a letter from a celebrity; my Mom got one when word made it all the way to the White House that she was retiring and President George H.W. Bush sent her a note of congratulations. It's buried in her hope chest in my sister's living room or I'd show it to you.


But consider the delight a two-year-old girl would experience if she got a letter from her very own Halloween costume. (That's a weird sentence, I know, but I'm imagining how a toddler would react in such a situation.)

That very cool turn of events has actually unfolded for a little girl from Florence, Kentucky who dressed up as Queen Elizabeth--corgis and all--for Halloween. And it's a costume that got the attention of the queen herself.

You'll notice in the Comments section that a German newspaper got wind of this child's positively brilliant costume, so little Jalayne Sutherland has become a celebrity across the globe, and why not?


According to WLKY-Louisville, Jalayne's mother, Katelyn, NEVER expected a response after the family managed to get the pictures to Buckingham Palace. But I guess little Jalayne bowled Queen Elizabeth over and she responded. If you clicked that link, you saw that the letter wasn't written by the queen herself but I don't guess anyone expect that. Regardless, Jalayne now has a keepsake for the rest of her life.

What an incredible treat for this little girl and what a reward for this family's ingenuity.

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