Imagine flying over your very own wedding proposal.  That's exactly what happened over the weekend when Shawna Aud climbed into an airplane with her boyfriend, Ryan Wilson.  She was enjoying the flight and taking in the scenery when she saw this . . .

Stuart Snow
Stuart Snow

Yes!  My buddy Stuart Snow, who's a local pilot, worked with Ryan to pull off an absolutely epic wedding proposal.  Ryan used 2x6s to construct the question "Marry me?" on his property in Lewisport, Kentucky.

Then, he invited Shawna to join him on a plane ride.  They flew over the proposal and Ryan officially popped the question in the air.  Luckily, Stuart captured the moment on video.  Shawna's reaction is priceless.

Ryan and Shawna haven't set an official wedding date yet, but they're working on it.  For now, Shawna's still floating on Cloud 9, literally and figuratively.  Congratulations!


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