Is your birthday soon? Why? That's when you usually get your driver's license renewal notice in the mail. However, did you realize you may have not gotten one this year or last year? 

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet of Driver Licensing stopped mailing out driver's license renewal reminders last year. I'm going to pick on my brother-in-law here for a story. He and my sister purchased a new car last year near Louisville. His birthday is in August. He forgot to renew his license. I think you know where this is going. I smack my head!

Here's what I do, I just check the dates on my license whenever I need to show it to someone, like showing it at the door of a bar. What's funny is, I renewed mine around the time of last year's election. So when the next huge election rolls around, it will be renewal time, or I'll just jot down a note. The reminder in your email or phone is a good way to track it too. Just don't forget!

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