Have you enjoyed cruising through the tri-state and taking in all the beautiful Christmas light displays? I know I have.

The beauty part is that more and more homes are decked out for the holidays each year, so I don't have to "binge watch." I can break it up and do multiple excursions.

One excursion I desperately need to plan is a trip to Lights Under Louisville. I need to get there anyway. I mean, it's a tunnel under a city. How cool is that? But, yeah, Lights Under Louisville has become a huge attraction in the tri-state.

And it hasn't gone unnoticed on a national level, either, as USA Today has listed it among the top ten best public light displays in the country. The underground attraction features millions of lights and hundreds of characters and draws more and more patrons each and every year.

Honestly, I wish some of the others in the top ten were closer than they are. The light display ranked second--the Legendary Lights of Historic Clifton Mill--is in Clifton, Ohio and that is the closest one, outside of Lights Under Louisville. But it's up around Dayton and better than a four-hour drive from here. Yeah, I know it's not Tibet, but still...

'Tis the season for amazing opportunities to light up your life this holiday season. I love driving through the countryside and checking out light displays on homes that may not get the traffic. And maybe that's the thing to do with regards to Lights Under Louisville. Take U.S. 60 to Louisville instead of I-64 and use the displays you see as an "opening act."

You're welcome.

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