Pizza restaurants are popping up all over Owensboro and I have to wonder if we're getting close to some sort of statistic about pizza restaurants per capita in the U.S. But until such time when that occurs, I have a bone to pick.

It's with a list of the best pizza places in Kentucky and there isn't a single one from Owensboro.

I just don't buy all.

While the pizza in those pictures on that list look spectacular, there's some pretty spectacular pizza being served up right, I think.

So...I need your help.

What do YOU think is the best pizza place in Owensboro? We have a lot to choose from. What do YOU think should be added to this Kentucky list?

And after we get a good enough random sample, I think I'll send a list to Rachel Shulhafer, the author of "The Ultimate Pizza Bucket List in Kentucky That Will Make Your Mouth Water," and see if she'll swing by our fair city and give OUR pizza restaurants a shot.

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