Okay 2020, we get it, you're not nice. But, come on, please just stop pounding us so hard. Really. Now, it's a massive Sahara Desert dust cloud. Great.

I know it seems very strange and unique that dust from the Sahara Desert, which is 6,000 miles away from the United States, could impact the Tristate. But, I guess dust from the desert makes it's way here every year. Who knew? What's different this year, is that we will see more than usual. A dangerous amount is expected.

The massive dust cloud has been nicknamed the Godzilla dust cloud. People have been warned to stay indoors because air quality could reach hazardous levels. Not only are experts worried about people with respiratory issues due to COVID-19, but others who suffer from breathing issues, even healthy people could feel the affects of the dangerous air quality.

The good news is that we will see magnificent sunsets and sunrises. Both are created by light shattering and then hitting and bouncing off of water particles in the air and pollutants, like dust. With more dust, we’ll see glorious shades of red, purple, orange, yellow and pink. Find even more good things that the Saharan Desert dust brings to areas all over the world HERE.


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