It used to be standard for a teacher to acquire his or her Master's Degree in their first 10 years of teaching in Kentucky. This practice will soon not be the case. 

On Monday, the Kentucky Education Professionals Standards Board decided to waive the mandatory requirement for teachers to move from Rank III to Rank II, which meant earning a Master's Degree.

State Interim Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis said this about the change:

"There's not evidence to suggest teachers having a master's degree leads to increased effectiveness. As such, we don't see a problem with teachers continuing their learning, earning master's degrees, continuing to move up in the ranks and we believe they'll do so because the incentives remain there, but if it's not something that is showing will lead to increased effectiveness, we don't see the rational behind requiring all teachers to go that route."

Lewis went on to say a teachers should be able to pursue a Master's in their own time and if they think it would be appropriate.

The Kentucky Education Association is against the board's decision. Since the fight over teachers' pensions earlier this year, this requirement change may be because many are leaving teaching thus more will need to be hired.

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