Puzzle Pieces is hosting the 1st Annual Lip Sync Battle this weekend!  We wanted to give you a chance to meet all the performers!  This night is truly going to be EPIC!Sacrificing time, our bodies and more, everyone involved is super pumped about taking the stage on Saturday night and bringing their best for one amazing non-profit organization.

Chad and I will be hosting the event.  What's even more exciting is we get to battle one another to open the show!  While most days we share everything from bathroom experiences to what we ate for lunch we have completely kept our routines and music hidden from one another.  I can tell you one thing whatever Chad does will be AMAZING!  He lays everything on the line for our community.  I am however sad to say he is going DOWN :)

Meet Heather Haynes.  She is one of the Wild Card Performers.  She is married to Keith and they have 3 awesome kids!  I know whatever Heather does she will BRING IT!

Jacy English

Meet Jacy English.  Another Wild Card Performer.  She is the bomb!  I have known Jacy since she was crowned Miss Daviess County.  She is married to Nathan and they have 3 wild, crazy, and cute kids.  Jacy also owns Mustard Seed Photograpy.  She is gonna be a rock star whatever she does!

Eastview Elementary

Rumor has it the Shining Suns from Eastview Elementary plan to take down the Tamarack Stars in this battle.  I am pumped to see what they are doing because I know most of these ladies and I can tell you their is sass and personality for days in this group!

Tamarack Elementary

Whatever the Tamarack Elementary Stars do they do it bigger and better than anyone!  With Carrie Munsey leading this crew I expect "STELLAR" performance!  Good Luck Ladies~


Possibly two of my favorite groups of all!  Our Owensboro Police Officers.  They are always sacrificing for our community and this is just another example of how awesome they are.  They will be battling an AWESOME crew from the Owensboro Fire Department (Chad Johnson, Eric Conder, and Luke Camp) .  My question "Who is going to be reviving all the women in the audience while their on stage LOL?"  Both of these groups is going to set off ALARMS all over the place!

Edge Body Boot Camp

Edge Body Boot Camp will battle 270 Power Yoga!  If the Edge Boot Camp group performs that night like they make us perform at boot camp 270 Power Yoga is gonna get a run for the money!

Casey Taylor

Meet Casey Taylor.  He is married to Chantay and they have 3 amazing children.   I hear Casey plans on bringing sexy back Saturday night.  So happy he joined the list of performers and know he'll do AWESOME!

Friday After Five

Meet the Friday After Five Crew!  They will bring fun, laughs, and lots of energy to their routine.  Excited to see what they do!

Jeffery Rhinerson

and last but certainly not least Jeffery Rhinerson will be the honorary MC for the evening!  He raised over $5000 and will now help Chad and I host for the night!  I love that we get to share the stage with him.

Tickets are still available for the event but not many!  DON'T MISS THIS EVENT~