Fatu Litsey was seven years old when rebel soldiers invaded her Village, Mafunta in West Africa. She tells her story in her new book, "More than a Survivor," A Child's Story of War, Loss, and Joy. I love what she writes in the introduction of her book, "The hero of my story is God. He is the one who took evil and worked good from it."

Her experience and personal story in West Africa is unbelievable! Everyone needs to hear her story and read it! When you hear Fatu tell it, you will understand that there is always Hope for everyone and our Hope is found in our Faith in God.

Fatu shared with me that she was raised by her Grandmother because both of her parents were dead. She explains what life was like for her and the others that lived in her village.

She openly talks about the day the rebel soldiers invaded her village and started killing people. Fatu was seven years old when she watched people being slaughtered. She describes the day when she had to place her hand on the wooden block as the soldier took a machete and cut off her right hand. No child should ever have to go through what Fatu went through!

Her story evolves and she eventually made it to the United States. She was adopted at the age of eleven and this is where she heard about God and His love for her from her adopted family. Again, I cannot even do this blog justice in my writing about Fatu, You will have to read her book https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07479HH1Z and listen to her tell her story this Friday, Saturday & Sunday at 8 AM CT http://womiowensboro.com/.

Fatu wanted to demonstrate an exercise that helps strengthen the back and spine. She does this exercise faithfully to help her stay strong!

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