One of my favorite TV shows of all-time is The X Files and I was tuned in last week when Agents Mulder and Scully visited Mud Lick, Kentucky to track down their co-worker Agent Skinner.  As soon as the words "Mud Lick" were uttered, I said to Kevin, "I think that's in Kentucky!"  And it was . . . though the show took a few creative liberties with the size and scope of the town.

Premiere Of Fox's "The X-Files" - Red Carpet
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Mud Lick, Kentucky is near Tompkinsville in Monroe County.  It's essentially right smack dab in the middle of the far south border of the state.  And Mud Lick isn't officially a town.  It's technically an "unincorporated community" that is situated near the intersection of Kentucky Route 63 and Kentucky Route 870.

While the town used to have its own post office, The X-Files may have exaggerated its size and population.  In the Season 11 "Kitten" episode, the town was depicted as large enough to have its own police force.  While Mud Lick is in the jurisdiction of the Monroe County Sheriff's Department, it definitely doesn't have its own deputies.  But it was still fun to see the town immortalized on national television.  Even if the episode featured a "monster" who was terrorizing people in the woods.

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