I am not a rude person. Not by any stretch of the imagination. But some might think I am if they text me and get THIS response:

Dave Spencer
Dave Spencer


It's the automatic response my LG sends when I'm traveling at more than 15 miles per hour and it's in Drive Mode...and it doesn't mince words.

And I love it.

Texting while driving is a huge NO-NO. I mean it should be for everyone, not just me personally.

But I have gotten responses from folks who've never seen that before and while 100% of them, so far, have gotten a laugh out of it and appreciate the service it is providing, a few of them have said that LG is a little brusque.

Yes, I know I can get in there and change the message, but, for now, I'm having enough fun with it that I think I'll leave it alone.

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