Nationally syndicated radio travel show host Bill Clevlen--Bill on the Road--recently visited Owensboro (and stopped by the studio for a chat). He thoroughly enjoyed his stay in Owensboro, and here's how I know.

For one thing, I follow him on Twitter, but, that aside, he's now published his blog about Owensboro.

Clevlen always publishes one after a visit and his about our fair city offers newcomers to town a list of "6 Things to Do in Owensboro."

While he was in town, Bill caught a big ol' catfish, partied in a barn (a little south of Owensboro, but, oh well), visited a certain Hall of Fame, ate barbecue and a lot of it, toured the home of a legend (again a little outside the city limits, but why carp?), and partook in a little local libation.

I LOVE what this guy does.

I wonder if he'd let me tag along one time. Hmmm, no harm in askin', I guess.